Cornish pasties

Our Cornish pasties are made entirely on site.

The savoury shortcrust pastry has just four ingredients : Canadian wheat flour, unsalted butter, vegetable fat, and salt.

The skirt steak is from just down the road at Killhallon from James Kittow.

The onions, swede and potatoes are from Cornish farms.

The fabulous cheese in our cheese pasties is from the Cornish Gouda Company and is made less than 5 miles away.

Because the ingredients are so good, we only make two types of traditional pasties..

  • Skirt steak, potato, swede and onion

  • Cornish Gouda, potato, swede and onion

In the busy summer months we have two bakes per day, at 1100 and 1200.

We make only what we think will sell on each day, so visit us early to make sure there are some left.

Cornish Gouda  Quay Bakery skirt steak Cornish pasties  Quay Bakery skirt steak pasties 

 We dont charge VAT on our Cornish Pasties, preferring to give you more tasty local ingredients for your money.

Because of this, we can't re-heat your pasty for you, and it may not be hot, unless its just come out of the oven at one of the advertised bake times.

We think a microwave would be an insult to our pastry anyway!