Its taken many years of trial and error along with the best quality ingredients we can lay our hands on to produce our Croissant and Pain au Chocolate.

They are made over two days. On the first day we make the dough and rest it in the fridge overnight.

The second day is all about the lamination!

Through a lot of research, we've learned that if you want to produce exceptional laminated dough, you have to use exceptional butter to form the layers.

Most butter is only around 85 to 88% fat. This is no good as the residual protein and water works against the fat and 'sticks' the layers back together.

We use The Edinburgh Company's cultured butter for our laminating. 

The dough is laminated by hand every day and then shaped into the croissant and pains au chocolate.

Have a look at the time-lapse of the lamination process..